Businesses world-over are redefining their business strategies. In pursuit of growth, they undertake bigger projects which are very complex in nature and have huge resource requirements. Balancing of resources with the milestones and deliverables requires specialized skill that is extremely rare to find. The tasks are resource planning and forecasting are more challenging than ever.

Softpro can address these challenges through its unique combination of talent, process, framework and methodologies. Our specialized project management skills are galvanized by professionals who have decades of technical, domain and management experience behind them. They are a team of masters who optimally use the resources to deliver quality output. They add value to your business by delivering within the budgeted time and cost, without compromising on quality of the output.

Our experienced consultants have successfully delivered projects worth a few hundred thousand to a few millions. They are aptly supported by processes that are scalable to any level of the organization. We provide the best project management and communication tools to empower our Project management consultants to deliver the best value to the client. We endeavor to fit the working culture of our clients through constant training and mentoring, and follow high performance standards. Our specialized project management solutions include:

Program Management
Project Management
Resource Management
Business Analysis
Collaboration & Productivity Tools
Project Management Software
Document Management System

We attach a premium to keep the client informed about the latest state of their project. We encourage frequent interactions with the clients to address new challenges as and when they arise. Our performance measures and service levels are established right at the beginning of the project. The clients are provided with regular progress reports, quality reviews and status meetings. We ensure that our Project Management solutions add to your agility to respond to the changing business demands, without compromising of operational efficiencies.

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