Softpro considers its intelligent, multi-talented, flexible employees, all of whom are committed to providing superior results for our clients, as our best assets. We are proud to announce that our integrated HR policy enables us to recruit the best in the industry, retain and motivate them to deliver best performances, and reward them for their superior performances.

We have invested in the development of the employees with the belief that they will be able to pass the benefits and satisfaction to the clients they handle. Here are some highlights of our HR ecosystem are:

Superior Competency Management
Well-defined Job Descriptions & Specifications
Recruitment of talent “right-fit” for Softpro and clients’ culture
Exhaustive Background verification
Good Planning of careers of employees
Excellent Performance-to-Rewards Programs
Fantastic compensation packages & Incentives
Targetted Training & Development
Work-Life Balance programs

Our integrated HR system has allowed us to develop pro-active employees who are ready to take the responsibility of delivering the best solutions and exceed customer expectations. Such motivated employees reduce the supervision necessary and they are, in fact, the best ambassadors and business developers for the company. A few pointers to our exemplary HR system.

High morale and Extreme pride
Low attrition rate (Less than 10%)
Highly Experienced
Minimum - 5 years, Average - 7 years
Highly Educated
At least a Bachelors degree in engineering
Most have Masters degree or equivalent
Certified Professionals (More than 80%)
Expertise in Cutting Edge Technologies
Superior presentation and interpersonal skills