Softpro is equipped with the frameworks and methodologies refined over a long period of time. This mature methodology brings process improvements, streamlines communication and makes it easier to manage change easily and achieve excellence process and delivery. We are empowered to deliver products of superior quality, as a result of our matured model, popularly known as Dynamic Systems Development Methodology (DSDM), encompass all phases of software development. 

Dynamic Systems Development Methodology (DSDM)  
Phases in DSDM
Business Study
Functional Model Iteration
Design & Build Iteration

Highlights of DSDM

Feasibility Study
Based on Financial Parameters and Resources needed
Establish portfolio management methodology
Ensure Acceptability for the Methodology
Measure to mitigate Risk
Business Study
Identify High Level requirements
Define System Architecture
Identify Challenges
Define Success Measures
Functional Model- Iteration
Identify what is to be produced
Agree how and when to do it
Create the product
Check functionality of Product
Design & Build Iteration
Deliver system of highest quality
Setup development conventions
Develop the product to requirements
Test for Performance
Bug fixing mechanism
Transfer from operational to production environment
Deploy and match performance to expectations
Train End-users
Provide Support

Project Management
Our Project Management through its unique combination of talent, process, framework and methodologies. Our specialized project management skills are galvanized by professionals who have decades of technical, domain and management experience behind them. They are a team of masters who optimally use the resources to deliver quality output. They add value to your business by delivering within the budgeted time and cost, without compromising on quality of the output. They are ably supported by the technology backbone of the company in the form of:

Collaboration & Productivity Tools
Project Management Software
Document Management System

Delivery Model
The superior global delivery model enables us to take advantage of time differences and distributed workforce to have 24 hour delivery cycles. The delivery times are greatly reduced due to the seamless integration of process and communication between on-site, near-site and off-shore teams. We strategically place teams onsite and offshore depending on the frequency of interactions necessary between the development team and the client. We leverage the power of communication tools, Audio & Video conferencing to facilitate seamless integration between various teams.

Our process, methodologies, delivery models and superior management enable us to satisfy our clients with services that exceed their expectations. Through our process and delivery excellence, we have moved from being a service provider to a strategic partner.